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Surrey Drives & Forecourts Service Offerings

Are you making the most of your space?


Want to improve the appearance of your property?


You are thinking about a new driveway?


Do you need to create additional parking space?


Whatever your inspiration for your home, Surrey Drives and Forecourts bespoke driveways and patios can make it a reality. With our wide and varied range of block and brick paving styles and colours, your choices are almost endless.


From modern simple lines to traditional effect, there’s a design to suit every type of home, with a choice of colours and patterns to add an individually tailored look to your home.


Also, you will receive our advice on the importance of incorporating adequate draining within your finished design.  Our experience and advice will ensure that you get this right.


The majority of new driveways do not require Planning Permission, but we can point out potential issues which might require further clarification and consultation from your Local Planning Officer.




You can also enhance your chosen design with distinctive kerbs and edging or walling to complete the overall design effect to satisfy and meet your needs.

Kerbs and Edgings

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Mob: 07554 707582

Pattern Ideas

We can lay your patios or driveways using the classic pattern forms (see below) or something totally bespoke. Patterns and inlays can create flow and focus or features to your hard surface.