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Commercial Tarmac Contractors Godalming, Surrey

Surrey Drives & Forecourts is a well established company with asphalt and tarmac surfacing experts operating in Godalming, Guildford and across Surrey. As tarmac specialists we offer a range of asphalt and tarmacing solutions that include road and driveway tarmac repairs, as well as laying new surfacing for car parks, forecourts and drives. We service customers throughout Godalming and surrounding areas including; East Catteshall, Aaron's Hill, Ockford Ridge, Farncombe, Charterhouse, Frith Hill, Holloway Hill, Busbridge, Crownpits, and Milford.


There are literally dozens of varying types of 'tarmacadam'. Different aggregates, different aggregate sizes, different binders, different binder colours; the list goes on, and there is a whole branch of the construction industry entirely devoted to the specification of the various materials, and the development of new products.


The major difference between macadams other than aggregate size and pen grade, is whether they are classed as 'Open Graded' or 'Close Graded' (aka Dense). Open graded macadam is composed of aggregate with very small fines, and may be permeable. It is a popular choice for hand-laid base courses, as it remains workable for longer at lower temperatures. Dense macadam contains a significant proportion of fines (material of 3mm or less). This means that it is often classed as an impermeable material, and the tighter-looking finish make it a more popular choice for wearing/surface courses.


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