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Turfing Contractors across Godalming, Surrey and local regions

Surrey Drives & Forecourts are local, friendly, turfing specialists covering Goldalming, Guildford and the surrounding areas throughout Surrey. We are a family run business with over 20 years of experience in turfing thousands of square metres of garden, paths and fields.


Sometimes, the best thing for your garden is to start again with a brand new, lush, green newly laid lawn. It may be part of a landscaping project or re-turfing an area of your garden.


On the majority of jobs e.g. family gardens; Surrey Drives & Forecourts use a high quality, hard wearing, drought tolerant turf. However, there are other types of turf e.g for ornamental gardens, that we can lay as well.


Turf can be laid all year round, although we avoid frosty times and harsh sun. In the hotter weather extra care needs to be taken to ensure the grass flourishes. We will assess your soil, and advise on whether it needs a sandy loam topsoil, specialist turf top soil and fertiliser.


We always make the necessary preparations such as; weeding/clearing, rotavating, compacting, levelling etc. After your new lawn is laid we will give you advice on how to look after it and maintain the luscious green look.


Turf comes in a variety of grades, each with a different usage, and each with a different price, please ask us and we will advise which is best for your property.


Call: 01483 604 590

Mob: 07554 707582